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Select 2017 Black Label Duffle Bag

Regular price £56.99
One of the most premium duffle bags on the market!

Dimensions - 96.5cm x 37cm x 35.5cm

A duffle bag that matches what you need with portability, spaciousness and value for money is often very hard to find in the market, but with experience in the large duffle bag market already, after offering a similar bag range in 2014, we feel we have found the perfect solution.
Packed full of premium features and clever organisation of specifically sized pockets, this bag offers loads of advantages and fits a full match kit, plus more. Features include:

- 2 extremely padded bat compartments inside the bag
- 2 large pockets down the left and right side of the bag
- 2 small ventilated pockets near the bottom, down the left and right side of the bag
- Heavy duty zips
- Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps
- Padded back rests for when carrying the bag
- Medium sized front pocket
- Inserts in the back and sides to give the bag rigidity & allow it to often stand up (non-removable)
- Separate footwear compartment at the bottom to keep those dirty spikes/trainers away from all of your kit.

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