About Us

Based in Buckinghamshire, England, Select Cricket are a small boutique cricket brand, manufacturing and retailing some of the highest quality handmade cricket products on the market. Working together with some of the best in the business, their aim is to make cricket more affordable again, hoping that more become involved with the sport in the future. Over the years, supplying a whole range of products, Select Cricket use a strong attention to detail to fine tweak their products as best as they can to supply the market with what is needed.

Still a fairly new brand, Select try to use their affordable pricing and high quality cricket products to show what can really be done by a smaller brand. All bats are made using locally grown English Willow, handcrafted to perfection only in the UK exactly the same as provided to professionals. Working closely in the process from the raw tree right through to the stickers product allows high quality standards to be maintained throughout, and also cutting out 'the middle man' to keep costs down.