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Select Classic Batting Pads

Regular price £82.99

The ultimate batting pad, with a classy, traditional look.

- Test Match Level Protection (top level cane rod inserts for the very best protection).

- Eight Cane Bolsters with Extended Wing (for extra protection around the leg, where most pads leave you exposed).

- Genuine Leather Instep (the very best material available to us).

- Test Match Level Fibre Cup Knee Protection (for top end protection all round).

- Quilted Leather Top Hat (with embossed Select logo).

- Soft knee locator (with soft mesh surroundings)

- Fully Padded Straps (making these pads extremely comfortable, especially for long innings, and for using while wearing shorts).

- Soft spandex shin material (with soft mesh surroundings, make these extra soft and breathable).

- All White Classy Look

- All White Embossed Select logo (near the shin)

- All White Embossed Classic (on the wing)

- Soft Buckle Pieces (so the buckle doesn't rub against your leg)

- Lightweight Materials used


An extremely high end pad, with many features and materials sometimes considered too expensive by some brands. Superior value for money from Select.

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